“Put your space in order

in a way that will change your life forever.”

Marie Kondo

  •  Are you ready to make a change?

  • Do you long for order and calm, but don’t know how to start?

  • Do the clutter and chaos feel overwhelming?

  • Are you busy and can’t seem to keep up with all the tasks of your household?

  • Do you want to do less maintaining your home, and more time to spend with family and friends?

  • Are you cleaning out a home after a loss?

  • Are you moving? Did you just move?

  • Do you need help decluttering in your empty-nest phase?

  • Are you getting ready to welcome a baby?

  • Do you homeschool and need better organization techniques?

  • Are you tired of a closet full of “nothing to wear?”

  • Does your hobby threaten to take over your living space?

  • If you’ve tried other systems before, and haven’t been able to maintain them…

  • If you need clear steps to follow…

  • If you are looking for a realistic method that fits your life…

You’ve come to the right place!

If you tidy your home and tend to your soul,

you can transform your life.

Christine Hofler

Certified KonMari™ Consultant



What if you could gratefully let go of all the items weighing you down, so you might use and cherish all those that bring you joy?



I can help you navigate the path with kindness and perspective, using the KonMari™ Method.



I can show you how to cultivate a life you love.

“One who cultivates tries to create the most fertile conditions for good things to survive and thrive.” Andy Crouch