“For every minute spent organizing, an hour is earned.” Ben Franklin



Your tidying festival is an investment in a mindful, intentional life. This is a one-time event, not a monthly chore nor a yearly occurrence.

Whether you need help getting started, motivation to finish, support through a difficult category, or a complete tidying festival, I can work with you to accomplish your goals!


“The Netflix show [Tidying up with Marie Kondo] does not adequately convey the support you bring or the effectiveness of having you alongside me.

The difference is exponential.



(5 hours each)

Book a session to get yourself started, to work through a difficult category, or to finally finish.

Book a package of sessions to start and complete each category with all the help and encouragement you need to see the results you long for.

A standard KonMari™ session is 5 hours long, as this is generally the point at which output is reduced. If you are able to continue beyond the 5-hour mark, you have the option to add on hours.

Additional hours beyond 5 will be billed at the session or package rate.


(9 hour days)

Schedule several days in a row and tackle your Tidying Festival with an Intensive.

Ideal for pre-move decluttering, new home set-up, or those who prefer to focus and finish sooner.

An Intensive is 2 or more days of 9 hours each, allowing you to progress rapidly through the categories and quickly realize your goals.


I can’t believe it. It feels like a weight is lifted off me.

I am totally blown away by your ability to take this anxious, stressful, nervous person and enable me to focus. You got me to be so productive! You helped me calm down and release some of my anxiety.

This is amazing!